Incredible India

India is unprecedented country with diversity. India is known for its various in region, in language, in food, in state divers, in colorful festival in everything what represent a incredible country. Incredibility of My India not ends here. INDIA these strongest five letter word is a power, here every states has its own story,Incredible beauty of heritage, breathtaking art, rich culture which represent the soil of India still is as fresh.
India is known for rich cultured, do you know why??? 
INDIA's beautiful morning starts with the sound of the Morning Prayer at Mosque, the melody of gurubani at the Gurudwara and the bells ringing in a Temple! And more we go....

THE TAJ MAHAL- The Taj mahal ''symbol of Love'' is built by the Moghal emperor Shah jahan for the love    of his life, the Taj mahal inspires a romantic story of Romeo and Juliet. For the transporting of the construction materials more than 1000 elephants were employed.Most amazing fact about the Taj mahal that takes an different coloring at different times of the day, from a pinkish in the morning , milky white in the evening and golden in moon light when lit by the moon. They say the changing colour resembles the changingmood of women- in the Emperor's queen.

GUJARAT PRIDE- The exciting place Gujarat is famous for it’s intoxicate nature beauty, crafts work and for its great history. Gir national park is most wonderful visiting place and if you wildlife lover than absolutely you will love. Here is great news for wildlife lovers that numbers of lion increased by 27%. Gir national park is famous all over the world as last home of Asiatics lions.Other most exciting Rann of kutch(white desert). Rann of kutch is a large area of salt located in Gujarat,it also known as Great Rann of kutch.It is best to head out into  the desert only in the  early morning or evening.The full moon is the best month to watch and a moonlight Rann camel safari is magical.The Gujarat tourism has started a festival called Rann utsav which begins in December.

THE WOMEN OF INDIA- The women of indie are strong, beautiful and proud, They carry themselves with a full grace. I love to be a women in India, though women right and freedom in India  are not what they should be. India is ranked the fourth worst place to be a women on earth. Indian women spirit is untold.

HUGE COLORFUL FESTIVALS- India is land of great diversity. It described as a land of many religions and multitudinous languages. it might well be described as a land of festivals as well. The Indian calendar is one long process of festival, Indians love celebration. Every festival celebrate with joy with happiness here everyone wear new clothes on every occasion, most exciting part lots of sweets are cooked.

NORTH EAST INDIA- North east of India comprises of eight states commonly known as "seven sister states". Each state has its distinct tradition sand cultures A place renowned for its magical beauty, the breathtaking grassy valleys, lush green forest, hilly stream mighty rivers, snow crapped mountain peaks are absolutely worth seeing. Here Arunanchal Pradesh receives first  sunlight in India , hence called land of  "Rising Sun", the sun rising of Arunanchal is wonderful.

KERALA THE GODS OWN COUNTRY- Gods own country Kerala the most beautiful state on the southern tip of India, a attractive tourist destination in the country. kerala celestial land(Gods own country) this tagline has a magical impact made that tourist made their plans to visit this destination and feel the luxury of "Gods own country. Monsoon in kerala comes twice in a year which is unique in India or maybe in country. here are some Myths related to origin of kerala, one such myth is that kerala was retrieved from the sea by Parasurama, a warrior sage. Parasurama an avatar of Mahavishnu threw his battle axe from kanyakumari to northward across the ocean. as a result of throw, the land of kerala arose and thus was reclaimed from the water this is something wonder and why called "Gods own country kerala".Every nook and corner in kerala you will see Hindu temple, Muslim mosque and Christian churches.not this much only kerala beautiful in facts give a fresh attraction to tourism sector
India is fascinating that is for sure, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea- but no one could call India boring! India is the place for INCREDIBLE experiences. 


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